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first impressions is everything,

build your brand awareness and relationship with your audience.

Stage Mist


Hot Music Agency

Our mission is to focus on guiding Artist & Creators to making their Dreams & Visions into Reality, we work hands on and provide Tactical consulting services to get the job done.

Hot Music Agency was founded by Douglas King

Created By Web Designer, 

Chloe Hernandez

Before "lights, Camera, Action!"

We Start with a brand 

Brand Purpose?

A powerful "brand purpose" sets out how you intend to change the world for the better. It’s a statement of belief, of hope, of pursuit and so on.

Brand Strategy


Brand Strategy?

  • We start by developing a foundation 

  • We then define a brand voice that resonates with your audience and following.

  • We develop a relationship that converts them to consumers and eventually brand loyalists.

What is a Brand Voice?

it's the right tone to interact with your audience to a successful genuine relationship between your brand and the community.

Visual Storytelling

Digital storytelling is part for establishing a brand visual. It is still the most engaging content a brand can leverage to connect with its audience. A video conveys the brand message.

design with Creative Content Partners

We help in the creative process, producing unique and engaging content that can extend your current auidience for awareness, partnerships or just engaging content for your other social channels.

Creative Video Content

Whether you’re an up-and-coming startup  or a well-established name brand, and produce video content for every genre even businesses in the connected age. Brand videos, marketing videos, product video demos, video teasers and sizzle reels are just a few to name. 


How-to Demo Videos

Got an awesome product out there, a clever or just a breakthrough start-up idea? Well, we can help bring it to life and send its message to the world through a fun, sophisticated approach across all screens, devices and social media worlds.

Let’s be strategic together

We're passionate about  motivational brilliant ideas and the action that brings it all together in one beautiful experience. If you are too, lets get started!

Behind Every Production

we bring your brand-story to life. From Concept Development to Delivery we guide you through the process and ensure you play a key role throughout every stage of the video production process.


  • Art Direction

  • Concept Development

  • Makeup and Hair

  • Set Design 

  • Story-boarding


  • Multi-camera Shoots

  • Location Shoots

  • Time-lapse Video

  • Live Event Coverage

  • & much more

Video Production

  • Casting

  • Location Scouting

  • Logistics & Scheduling

  • Production Crew

  • Lighting

  • & more


Are you ready?? For one of the Biggest Acknowledgement for Upcoming Artist & Dancers that have been working so hard to their dreams!

We all need motivation to keep going, but acknowledging what they have done so far gives them that extra push to keep going! 

Not all Talents are noticed due to lack of exposure or poor Network connections

Hot Music Agency has dug deep in the crevasses of the world of hidden talents and has built a platform for their maximum exposure! 

Our intention is to help guide these talents with their visions and dreams to reality

2020 will be the Opening year of many more years of finding hidden talents in the Crevasses of this World.

We will guide you with your visions and dreams to reality! We will make it happen with your actions of Willing and Wanting to make it happen! 

WE got this! 

Stay tuned to Watch see their Visions & Dreams turn into reality. 

Attention Nominees 

Make sure to ask your fans to vote for you!!!! There's almost 2600 votes in already. 

Lets keep getting more votes in!


Best New Artist & Best New Dancer Awards, are for nominees that have achieved a breakthrough into their communities consciousness and impacted the musical landscape within their community during eligibility period.


Our Intention is to guide these Creative Creators to making their Dreams & Visions Reality.

Chloe H. , Chief Operating Officer (COO) of Hot Music Agency

Due to the Amount of Creative Creators & Many more to come, HMA is valued at its net worth of more than a BILLION dollars.

Multi Billion Dollar Company

Douglas King, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Hot Music Agency